Beginnings & Endings — Double Helix — Last Page

Tulip Display 2013

Ah hem…

We interrupt this conclusion for a moment with a gentle reminder.

Yes, Mernie does have a committee of beings who help her out.

You do as well. You very possibly have an entire chorus of angels and sprites who act as your guides. Some are connected to infinite wisdom and power. Some are impish. Their practical jokes aren’t always funny, but they do serve to keep you humble. It’s okay to laugh at them, and certainly okay to ask questions. Making sincere requests for aid is possible anytime, anywhere. Mernie hollering up at the moon with her checkbook is not perhaps the best example to emulate. We hear her. Your guides hear you. We are all here to help each other.

Grab a crystal, stick a rock in your pocket or just find that calm space between noises and ask. We are always here.

We will help how we can, even though not all the lessons are gentle.

With Forever Love, All of us over here, and right next to you.

— The End



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Mernie Buchanan

Mernie Buchanan

Mernie paints and writes in Woodstock NY. A signed copy of her memoir The Incompetent Psychic available via