Celestial Side — Quarterly Review pg64

Full color companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

Poet’s Walk 2018]

They were lounging with a picnic of puff pastries on a gentle hill overlooking a vista of gardens and parks of rainbow trees. Gamdi showed up with a gold holo projector the size of a marble. Fauna brought some friendly lemurs and Rose the treats. As always, it was 77 degrees in the soft, happy light combining every spectrum of a trillion suns.

“I’ve been monitoring. It’s an exercise in dispassion,” Gamdi began. He glanced at Rose.

“Yeah, Mernie’s life hasn’t been easy or fun to watch so far, but we’ve all lived through worse in uglier bodies on that planet.” — From Chapter 3

My three main spirit guides were introduced in the introduction. Later on, Rose and Fauna take turns incarnating as my canine companions. Gamdi is part angel. Hints and clues of how I came to know they are there are scattered throughout my life. Messages I get from a different dimension aren’t always clear, precise or even believable (hence the title of the book). What I can’t describe from diving into a life of memories is imagined by dog paddling in fiction through a much prettier reality, like this idealized painting of Poet’s Walk Park by the shore of the Hudson River near Bard College in New York.

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