Motivated by Fear pg176

Colorful companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

Baroque co co #31: White Wing 2001

Transition Zone: Second Quarter Review & Intervention

The circle of Muses, angels and spirit guides looked at each other, shrugged, lifted eyebrows and shared see-you-laters. A couple of them disappeared with visual effects (Thalia with sparkle confetti and the Jaguar guy in a puff of fire), while the others drifted away in small groups.

Gamdi had called in big favors. He sat alone staring at the infinity ocean, wondering if their efforts would have the desired outcome… not simply to avoid a foretold event, but to dramatically alter a soul’s trajectory for eons to come. Mernie needed to be around people who would inspire her to follow a spiritual path. Taking steps to clean up her life was next. Unfortunately, Mernie had never been a very tidy person. He felt a light, happy presence lean into him with a giggle. “Fauna, my darling girl.”

She beamed at him. “Mernie will make it. I know she will.”

“Beautiful as it is, this place is getting to me. Let’s go strap on some wings and catch some uplifts.” Gamdi put his arm around Fauna and they blinked to a more uplifting place. — From Chapter 9

The twentieth century was blessed with many notable earth angels who inspired generations of seekers toward a higher good. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King come to mind. The white guy way up there on that list is Bill Wilson. Beginning in 1935, Bill and a small group of raging drunks managed to stop, wrote a couple of books and launched a program whereby anyone who truly wanted to end a downward spiral of addictive self destruction could do so. This was back when it was commonly believed women couldn’t be alcoholics. We proved them wrong.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the largest truly anarchistic organization in the world. Anarchistic in that the only ‘rules’ are to not be physically destructive to others, and be totally non-profit. Any voluntary contributions by members are spent on rent, supplies and clerical salaries in headquarter’s offices. No one instructs you to believe in anyone’s god. The criteria for membership is simply admitting there is a problem. Offering your last name is discouraged. The first meeting in Akron, Ohio has expanded to 115,326 groups in 175 different countries, according to recent estimates. This doesn’t include the many offshoot programs dealing with drugs, overeating, debt and codependency. There are now more than two million AA members. I imagine that number will grow when this pandemic ends and we can again meet physically instead of digitally.

At this point in my memoir I didn’t consider myself to be an ‘alcoholic’ for many harebrained reasons (delusions). Then someone explained this condition was easy to self diagnose. “Did you ever break promises to yourself?” I thought about that. Well, yeah. Every time I vowed to stop at two… or five, and didn’t. Successfully ending addictive behavior when it becomes unmanageable feels like a miracle. I tried to describe mine, and in doing so gave faces and voices to angels — with and without wings.

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