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a colorful companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

The Good Teapot 1997

Gamdi suggested an ambrosia break, powered down the plan of my upcoming life and sighed, “Earth.”

Level 3 entities like Gamdi had long transcended emotions like frustration. His final life in physical form was long ago in Level 2. He had been a song writer on a planet so evolved that greed, fear and evil had almost been expunged. This allowed a system of perfect anarchy to flourish — sort of a charming Jane Austen planet that boasted less gossip, better science, enormous flowers and friendly, obliging robots to do the grunt work. — from Chapter 1

I painted ‘The Good Teapot’ in 1997 while trying to cheer myself up by imagining what a happier place might look like. One thing for sure, any happier place is going to serve a good cup of tea. This large (24x36”) oil painting won Best of Show at the Bloomz exhibit on Mare Island in 2003 and lived in my office for many years until it eventually (regretfully) sold. Selling my favorites is what I’ve often been resigned to do for rent money. Winter is coming and snow is predicted like, tomorrow. I might have to paint this again.

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