Transition Sector pg36

a colorful companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

Just Passing By c1990

Every soul traveling to Earth has to pass through the Pub to Forget, the last astral stop in the Transition Zone. At Pub to Forget, a single beverage is served. This final shot causes an entity about to jump into a womb just before birth to forget everything associated with the Celestial Side. Other than Karma there are no laws or rules, but it is strongly suggested the drink be finished to the last drop. Almost everyone does. Being oblivious to extraterrestrial realms while on planet simply makes life easier. — from Chapter 1

This little watercolor was another one-off that somehow survived in a ‘lost years’ pile that got photographed. I must have been experimenting with a toothbrush and white gouache spatters for a design project, and doodled this on the side. That little asteroid zooming past Earth reminds me that although each lifetime is a pretty big deal (to the liver), ultimately it is only one among many, and goes by pretty quick. At this point we’re just about done with how I imagine a life gets planned, and coming up on Chapter Two when I land on this planet. The narrative becomes somewhat more traditional from then on.

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