Full color companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

Rape of the Daughters of Lucipus by Rubens 1976

University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1974, pg63

About the twentieth toilet scrub in Walnut Creek’s unhappiest motel I suddenly remembered. I was already registered for my sophomore year. I called the Clock Shop at the MGM Grand and got my job back. The boss said he would pick me up at the airport and put me up for a few nights until I found a student apartment. Mom advanced some money from a small college trust fund I had forfeited by getting kicked out of the family. Off I few back to Las Vegas the next day. — From Chapter 3

Part of the process of remembering those tumultuous, long ago years was to sit in a comfy chair on my porch in the woods, then alter back and forth between pen-and-notebook longhand and colored pencil drawings. Navigating through memories of long-suppressed old dread with words and pictures took me to where the humor and the lessons showed themselves. This student assignment from a college art class was to recreate an old master painting using a single line. Somehow it managed to survive the subsequent 45 years of moves and stuff purges. Most of the illustrations in these early chapters were sketched while writing it in 2020.

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