UNLV pg76

Full color companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

Emerald Bay c1981

Back at my parent’s house in Walnut Creek I tried again to find some way to make some money. Stella had two days off from Banana Records and suggested we visit her cousin Hank in Tahoe. Yes, of course. Hank and three friends were renting a five-bedroom house on the Kings Beach golf course. I had just turned twenty-one, so during that disco dancing weekend with Stella and the boys, I stopped by the casinos on the Cal Neva border and got hired as a change girl at a slot machine palace. Then I rented the mattress on the floor of the fifth room for a month, and made some change before heading south to the Las Vegas end of Nevada for my senior year. — From Chapter 3

This sketch was the view from a friend’s deck. They had a glorious, fairy tale log house built over a llama stable overlooking Emerald Bay. At this point in time (late70s), I was still indoctrinated with the art school theory that pure representation was uncool. Somehow this was saved in a folio of later Tahoe landscapes that were dripping with irony Now I don’t care that both me and my art are uncool if it tells a simple story, or simply feels good.

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