What Serenity Looks Like — Double Helix pg290

Colorful companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

‘Let’s Go for a Walk’ series: Morning Coffee with Molly 2015

Ongoing optimism and no credit card debt had finally made being alive a wonderful place to be. More people were able to buy art again. Fruitful commissions were coming in so regularly I could pick and choose. There was a core group of amazing women who showed up at my Michaels acrylic class every week, and we had become buddies. Teaching a week-long art retreat in the Sierras was coming up. Festivals had become lucrative enough that I could drop the iffy and difficult ones where you couldn’t easily drive a trailer up to the space. — From the Epilog

If this was a romance novel right about now would be the fancy-ass wedding, but it turned out to be me falling in love with myself. ‘Happily Ever After’ is a simply abiding serenity. It was like I finally evicted fear and ego out of my home where they had been awful roommates for too long. Okay, they only moved next door. Fear installed a security system with alarms and klieg lights that can blast on when a cat slinks by. Ego likes leaf blowers, chain saws, wood chippers and target practice. This is entirely a metaphorical construct to describe my own brain. In reality, all the neighbors where I live now in the rural Catskills are pleasant, peaceful folks. I traded earthquakes, firestorms, gridlock and noise for long winters and ticks. Nowhere is perfect. Weather here can be dramatic, but the environment of life is calm, and inspiration is everywhere.

The loud bad neighbors only live in my very real imagination. I have tricks to keep them in line. Laughing at them works. Vitamin D and kelp help. A companionable dog is the best love life, supplemented with wonderful female friends. I know how wildly lucky I am, and still have to smack myself around to make the rude neighbors in my head shut up and behave.

It took me sixty years (and you 290 pages) to get to this point. There are a few more years and pages to go. I got through the most difficult lessons… now I just get pop quizzes to test how well I learned from them.

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