Where Ideas Come From — Celestial Interlude pg227

Colorful companion to my memoir The Incompetent Psychic

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Fauna chose to meet in a cozy cedar chalet perched high on a cliff in a snowy forest. Oversized, overstuffed chairs with fluffy cushions were arranged around the hearth of a cheerful crackling fire in a polished stone fireplace A seamless, peaked window wall looked out through fat evergreens decorated with snow puffs, down to a vista of rolling foothills and sunny green meadows far below. A few large snowflakes drifted around the window in lazy circles — several overblown to the size and shapes of crystalline doilies. Cardinals flitted through bright blue shadows and caught the light in flashes of scarlet. Inside, pewter mugs of hot chocolate whipped with marshmallow cream floated on a copper tray near the fireplace to stay warm. — From Chapter 12

I’ve read books about accessing creative ideas, and how to write something readable by using them. I posted an earlier blog about favorite authors who examined the process of finding ideas, and how brilliant thinkers have channeled inspiring concepts through time. All of that is well documented by thoughtful, entertaining authors and inventors.

I set out to describe exactly how good ideas are conceived and subsequently imparted to us… and it is not from our own brains. Being an incompetent psychic, I can’t prove this theory to be true quite yet. I have, however, gathered clues. The helpful genies Elizabeth Gilbert so eloquently describes? I made them my spirit guides. Every so often they meet in a fantastical setting on the other side to come up with my next move. They arrange for me to be well and truly sick in bed. This way I’m unconscious long enough so the next great concept they’ve devised can be installed like a computer upgrade and my brain restarted. This is one of those scenes.

In this memoir Fauna is part elf. Also a shape-shifter, and one of my more helpful and light-hearted spirit guides. Currently she is doing me a huge favor by taking a shift on Earth as my companion chihuahua Faun. I’m writing this in a snowy forest in the Catskills with her right now, while hoping to see another cardinal.

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